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Wednesday, August 14, 2019

7 Tips for creating an impressive artist profile

7 Tips for creating an impressive artist profile
As an artist, you need a simple, yet effective way to showcase and promote your art through creating a one-page online profile. It should be aesthetically appealing and provide an accurate impression of your art and you as an artist.
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Here are the essential components that you should include in your online artist profile.
1. Artist Name and Photo
Your artist name and photo should be prominently placed at the top of your artist profile page. Your artist photo should be an eye-catching high-quality photo showing your unique personality as an artist.
2. Artworks
As a visual artist, your artworks are the main part of your profile page. Usually a set of 6 to 12 artworks that represents your best artworks and shows what kind of artist you are, expresses a conveyor of visual captivation to generate further interest in your art.
3. Artist Biography
Keep your artist bio to the point and concise. Here, you can talk about when and how you started your journey as an artist. You can write about your art influences, specify your art medium and highlight your recent major achievements as well.
An aesthetically appealing artist profile page provides an accurate impression of you and your art.
4. Artist Statement
Your artist statement gives people a touch of your art originality and uniqueness as well as a reason for people to pay attention to you and your art.
Some artists add a short note at the end of their biography to mark their artistic statement, while others prefer a proper section to write down their statement as an artist.
The choice is yours, but whatever it is, it needs to be able to answer these questions: What is the unique essence of your art and how your art communicates to viewers? Has your personal life experience affected your art? What are the unusual materials and approaches that set you and your art apart from the crowd?
5. Media Presence
A good media article, published interview or art critique is extremely valuable because it can be a deciding factor for a viewer to choose your art. Therefore, including what media has written about you and your art is an important part of your artist profile page.
6. Major Achievements
People want to find out what makes your art so prominent that they want to spend their valuable time with it. If you've won an award, been selected for a juried exhibition, your show is sold-out, or you have a piece in a private or public collection, etc., here is the place to brag about it.
7. Website and Contact Form
Now that you've got the viewers' attention, they are ready to work with you. So, they need to know where to find more about you and your art. Including a contact form along with your website and social media links is a simple but very important factor to complete your artist profile page.
What's Next?
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