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Friday, September 20, 2019

Get your art discovered by Biafarin

Get your art discovered by Biafarin
While creating art is fun and a driving force for artists, showing artworks around and being recognized in the world of art business does not make that sense. As soon as you start thinking seriously about selling your art, your daily artistic life will include thinking, planning, showing your artworks, and talking to galleries, curators, dealers, etc.
Photo by Alicia Steels on Unsplash
Through Biafarin platform we have met this need with an all-in-one art marketing solution that covers the following areas of your artistic journey to present, promote and sell your art in local and international markets.
Website & Artist Profiles
A dynamic multi-lingual website that grows with your art career is a great way to put your art out there. Enter your art data in Biafarin portal and access your website preview in seconds for free. When ready to be online, choose your website plan, a domain name, and your desirable theme, and go live in minutes.
Additionally, for increasing artists’ web presence, Biafarin offers a free multi-lingual one sheet artist public profile page to all subscribed artists in Biafarin.
Online Sales
Today, with the boom of the online art market, presenting and selling artworks online is imperative. Yet, it is a time-consuming and hard process to add your artworks in each online store and it gets worse when you have to choose which one works better for your style. Biafarin platform solves this problem by matching your artworks with online shops and galleries preferences worldwide and place your artworks for sales everywhere that matters and people are looking to find and buy art online.
Marketing your art is essential to your success.
Have you planned to promote your art?
Knowing how your audience thinks and feels is the gateway to more sales. It is important to know why your art makes your fans excited, how an art critic treats your professionalism, or in what areas an art expert thinks that you need to make process. This service helps you to know your audience better and shine more at selling your art to your target art market.
Media Presence
Sharing your news with the media means how you inform your audience about your art progress. whether it is through social media channels or online and offline art magazines and newspapers, it is highly important to keep media informed about your art announcement and achievements.
Meeting this need, Biafarin provides media coverage for every event and achievement to help you put your news out there.
Online Exhibitions
An Online Exhibition is a competitive solution and a step forward in your future art career for displaying, promoting and selling your art. You can use it as a separate service or to maximize your exposure and sales, use it in a venue during your exhibition. Along with an online exhibition, you can also create a Live Page in Biafarin portal. Live is a unique link to your show and you can promote and sell your artworks for free by sharing the link.
The Archive is Biafarin's answer to all administration needs of visual artists. This is a free service for all artists in Biafarin, to use unlimited online space to store and classify the history of their artistic career and their future plans with no fees. Archive is much more than just data storage that keeps track of your art career. Through Archive, you can create and send your artistic resume, portfolio, statement, etc, and use any of 30+ services in Biafarin portal with a few clicks.
Art competitions are a well-known way of putting your art in front of experts and trying to get a chance to be seen and win prizes. Biafarin Opportunities offers 500+ art opportunities to artists. To save your time, Biafarin will automatically assign opportunities for which you are qualified and match your career history and future goals. Moreover, when you participate in an art opportunity, you will gain Points that you can redeem to use in Biafarin services. Artists with an annual package in Biafarin enjoy a special discount to participate in the art opportunities.
What's Next?
If you think a good artwork is finally coming out, you make no mistake. But it may be so long as it does not last our lives. So, start promoting your art today and get some credit for your wonderful art now.

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