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Friday, September 20, 2019

Selling your art in the internet era

Selling your art in the internet era
Internet has permanently changed the way we used to live and its mark is carved on art market as well.
This new online era has shaped new methods for circulating, distributing, promoting and selling art worldwide and broadened the art market beyond our imagination.

The simplicity and immediate access for everyone to art and the free flow of art information created a new generation of art lovers as the art audience is evolved and has grown in online cultural climate.

Simultaneously, the number of creators is increased as everyone can now pursue her artistic dream and become an artist. Now, the question that is asked by more and more artists is how to be a working successful artist?
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Although the internet and online art world has facilitated the way artists can promote and sell their art significantly, the importance of art platforms in this process shouldn't be overlooked.
When the art market is saturated by art,
Using an online art marketing platform is undeniable for artists.
The ease, connections and tools that online art platforms provide to artists is indubitable. When the art market is saturated by art, focusing on a long term plan to develop their art career is a must for artists looking to enhance their art career in modern world.

Biafarin; currently the only multi-lingual web-based platform for visual artists; covers all artists' administration and marketing needs. It is an all-in-one online marketing solution that enables artists to focus on their art while manage their art marketing through 30+ easy-to-use tools and services offered by Biafarin.
What's Next?
Tell us, which tools and services you use to promote and sell your art?

Checkout Biafarin Packages for Artists to learn how to gain more for your marketing efforts.

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