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Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Why artist photo is essential in your success as an artist

We all know about the importance of making a good first impression, but usually ignore the fact that our headshot photo is doing it when we are not present to speak for ourselves.
Artists tend to put their energy on creating their art, but often forget the importance of an eye-catching high quality artist photo. Your face near your name is the first thing the viewer’s eye will be drawn to in your artist profile or your website. Your photo shapes visitors first thoughts and feelings about you and it should shows off your unique personality.

Tips for taking a good artist photo

Get Ready
- Prepare your camera, apps, etc.
- Pick up your clothes based on the message that you want to convey
- Ask a friend for help or use a tripod. No, a photo of you in mirror or a selfie won’t cut it and do not even think about cropping your photo from a group to use it as your artist photo.
- Choose a location with simple background and a good lighting or use extra lighting if shooting indoors.

- A good artist photo shows your face and an eye contact is an essential element of a good headshot.
- Consider enough time to take as many photos as needed. Go through them to find the one that present you as the artist properly or take some more.
- A memorable artist photo should express your personality and the distinctive character you want to give off.

After Shooting
- Choose 10 to 20 of your favorite photos - Go through them with a friend to narrow down your final choices - You might need to do a touch up using a photo editing app to create your perfect artist photo. - Crop the final photo to fit each one of your profiles in your artist profile page, your social media accounts or …

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