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Sunday, August 25, 2019

Why your website turns into a graveyard?

Why your website turns into a graveyard
As an artist, you are so happy to have a website to share your art with the world at the first step. But after a while, you will find out that rarely does anyone visit your website and no sales are made through it…
Unfortunately yes…. Your website has become a graveyard. But how does this happen?
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Lack of Visibility
Your website might suffer from lack of visibility on the net. Usually, visitors can find and access a website while looking for their desired contents. Choosing the right keywords and using proper SEO tools enhance the possibility of appearing on your target visitors’ search results.
Outdated Information
Probably your website does not show the latest data about you and your art, thus visitors won’t be interested in checking up on your website frequently. You need to often update your website by adding new artworks, sharing your plans for new art projects and announcing your events and achievements.
Lack of Content
Lacking any description of your artworks, art career and events cannot definitely meet the goal of encouraging people to visit. Your website needs informative, concise and engaging contents to help your audience get the information they are looking for. You can provide your visitors with useful data in a variety of formats such as text, video, photo, audio, graphics, animation, infographs, slide show, etc. to have a positive impact on them and enlighten your prospects.
Visitors' engagement is the key to avoid your website turn into a graveyard.
Poor Communication
You may not have shared your new and updated website information with your potential audience regularly. The first step to remain connected to your audience is to collect their data via email subscription tools and contact forms on your website. Then, attract them to your website by engaging contents through emails and social media threads. Being vivid in social media is also beneficial as it can improve your profile visibility and ease your communication with your potential audience.
Low-quality Content
Poor content negatively impacts on your visitors’ understanding of your art data, history and experiences. If you tend to increase your website’s visual appeal, all your website components need to be in high quality to reflect your art. For instance, flawless grammar, proper translation, compelling photos and well-designed graphics enhance the attraction.
Complex Content
If you do not provide a concise and well-organized information, your content will be time-consuming to read, difficult to follow and hard to understand. Overcrowded websites are not only displeasing to the eye, but they also seem less credible. You need to summarize your data to enable your audience to connect to your art story at a glance.
Weak Design
Without an appropriate design, your content may look illegible and chaotic. Applying proper structure, coloring, fonts and paging improves your website look and feel and demonstrates the balance, harmony and emotion that engages numerous visitors.
Loose Navigation
When visitors cannot find what they want, they are more likely to leave. A good navigation helps your audience to find desired information fast enough. Moreover, a combination of simply-structured and well-located page titles, menus, tabs, navigation buttons and links ensures visitors to know where they are, where they are going and where they have been.
Lack of Engagement
Failing to attract and engage your website visitors, you will lose your opportunity to keep them connected and bring them back to your website. Your website needs to create a dialogue and communicate your art story with your target audience. Using polls, comments, rating and online chats will establish a two-way communication channel.
Creating a website that considers all above-mentioned items is not easy and straight forward. Choosing a builder that ensures the maximum visitors' engagement is the key to avoid your website turn into a graveyard. Biafarin website builder offers a set of pre-designed plug-ins and tools to keep your audience connected and engaged with minimum efforts.
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