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Friday, September 20, 2019

Art Business vs. Artist Business

Art Business vs. Artist Business
The art business is different from the artist business.
Photo by Samuel Zeller on Unsplash
The art business is covered by artnet News, Christie's, Sotheby's, etc. You will read about how the Banksy's artwork became self-destructed in an auction, or what was the most expensive item sold at a famous auction house, or who, from which Museum or auction, moved from one company to another, and similar news. Although, this news is posh and fabulous, this is not what you really care about and won't help you to grow your art business as an artist.
The artist business; however, is all about how you launch and grow your art career in modern world, or how you present and sell your art, or how you can make a successful life as an artist.
We believe that’s what you and many active artists care about.
The artist business is all about how you launch and grow your art career in modern world.
Of course, there are many books, articles and blog posts with good intentions out there advising artists how to make it in art business world. We bet you tried some, if not many, with no or little results or at least with results that fade fast when you stop being a social media promoter.
You see, we get it. Since 2010, we have talked to many visual artists and coached them toward presenting and selling their art. We know what it’s like to be an artist; the difficulty of pouring your soul into a work of art, the terrifying excitement of uploading it online for the world to see or showing it in an art exhibition, the disgusting discomfort of self-promotion and experiencing the devastating disappointment of an indifferent world.


And Biafarin is our answer to this problem! An all-in-one art marketing platform that helps visual artists to promote and sell their artworks.
Here, in Biafarin, we believe in empowering artists with tools, services and guidance to tackle the obstacles and to achieve their goals.
If it is what you are looking for, let’s go!
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