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Saturday, September 21, 2019

How to run your art business from your website?

How to run your art business from your website
You, as an artist, are a small business. Your website can act as a HQ for running your art business. To utilize the power of your website, consider following points:
Photo by MichaƂ Kubalczyk on Unsplash
Keep your website up-to-date
An outdated website discourages your visitors to navigate your website. You need to regularly add new artworks and announce your events and achievements. This engages your visitors to stay longer and come back to your website more frequently.
Promote your website
Add your website link to all your promotional contents such as blog posts, announcements, press releases, news articles and advertisements. Then, share and circulate them via social media, magazines, art blogs and forum.
Your Website, Your HQ:
Run your business from your website.
Make your website visible
Your website needs to be visible in the first pages of search results. Choosing specific keywords related to your art and performing search engine optimization (SEO) will help your website to rank high on searches.
Stay connected
Keep connected with your audience through your website and social media. By incessant communication, detailed answers to the comments and messages you can interact with your audience and show them what’s going on with your art.
Sell from your website
Now that your website attracts and engages visitors, it is important to sell directly from your website. Adding a fully functional online shop enables your potential buyers and collectors to purchase directly from your website.
What's Next?
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