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Friday, September 20, 2019

Introducing Opportunities Service

Introducing Opportunities Service
Participating in competitions helps you, as an artist, to stand out and develop your art career. Artist calls are considered as a great tool for being discovered much easier and gaining recognition for your artistic talent.
Photo by Jungwoo Hong on Unsplash
You have the chance to participate in a lot of art contests directly via Biafarin portal and get rewarded with cash prizes, artwork sales, residencies, media publications, exhibition opportunities and more.
To access these opportunities, you need to use Opportunities Service. This service provides an opportunity list related to your art and helps you to submit through a simple process.
Participating in art competitions is considered a great tool for being discovered and gaining recognition for your artistic talent.
How it works
You will be informed about new art competitions through Biafarin opportunity alert. Visit your opportunity page in Biafarin portal to access the opportunities list matching your artistic goals.

Then, select an opportunity and click on yellow submit button, enter the artist and artwork data and complete your submission. Biafarin will review your data and send it to the organizer if completed. Finally, Biafarin follows your submitted opportunities and sends you status reports to keep you updated.
- You can track your submission and keep your submission history.
- It is easy to use.
- You get valuable advice and status reports for your submission.
- You will get certificate for your participation or winning.
- You will get discount according to your package.
- You will get discount according to your package.
- You will get redeemable points to use in other Biafarin services.

Find more at Biafarin opportunities service benefits.
Organizer fee
This fee is determined by the organizer. Biafarin members benefit from special discounts on most opportunities:
Blue package: 10% discount
Gold package: 15% discount
Platinum package: 20% discount

Service Fee
In addition to reviewing, preparing, and submitting information, this fee will cover guidance, follow up, and advice for participation in an opportunity and subsequent steps.
This fee is free for the artists with a Blue, Gold or Platinum package.

For information on the packages and comparing their benefits, see the link below.

Biafarin packages for artists

Moreover, selected artworks that are not sold will be returned free of charge for artists with Gold and Platinum package. Every artist participating in opportunities via Biafarin portal, gains one point for each dollar spent. Points can be redeemed to US dollar and used for all Biafarin services.

What's Next?
Visit your assigned opportunities lists in Biafarin portal and submit.

Learn more about Biafarin Opportunities service and its benefits by clicking here.

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