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Friday, September 20, 2019

Biafarin Opportunities Service Benefits

Biafarin Opportunities Service Benefits
Art competitions are excellent vessels for visual artists to boost their art career. Offering 500+ art opportunities, participant artists through Biafarin portal get rewarded with cash prizes, artwork sales, residencies, media publications, exhibition opportunities and more.

There are many advantages in entering art competitions and by participating through Biafarin, you will gain more benefits, including:
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1. Altered opportunities list
As your art business home, we understand the importance of your time in today's busy world. So, you will only receive art opportunities that you are eligible to participate and matches your career history and future goals. Moreover, an alert notification will be sent to you by email for each art opportunity.
2. Fast and easy submission
You just need a couple of clicks to submit your art data via Biafarin portal for any art opportunity. You can choose from your already uploaded artworks and artist data for unlimited submissions.
3. Data review
We check your submitted data and make sure that everything is in order, before sending your information to an opportunity organizer. So, you can rest assure that you won't be let down because of not following the terms and rules of an opportunity.
4. Practical advice
Choosing the right artwork for an opportunity is not an easy and straight forward process. You will receive practical advice about what might work better for a particular art competition after submission for an art opportunity.
Improve your experience of participating in art competitions by Biafarin Opportunities.
5. Submission followup
It is easy to lose track of art competitions that you participated. We keep you on track and updated about your submissions through status update reports in Biafarin portal.
6. Submission history
As your art business home, we provide you with unlimited access to check and review your submitted data for each opportunity. It gives you valuable insight about what works and will help you to choose better in future opportunities.
7. Translation
As our goal is helping artists to increase their chances to win, we provide free translation service for your submission data to make sure all artist and artwork data is correctly translated.
8. Certificate
We appreciate your time and efforts and we want you to have evidence of your participation in artist calls through Biafarin. Thus, you can create digital certificates of your participation or winning in an art opportunity. The issued certificate is printable and it is also possible to check its validity with a unique certificate code through Biafarin website.
9. Points
In Biafarin, we want every artist to be a winner. Therefore, we have developed a score system. Each artist will gain points or specific rewards, when submitting in art opportunities through Biafarin. Artists can redeem their points to receive discounts for using Biafarin services and continue to grow their art career further.
10. Promotion
Upon your success in an art opportunity, our main goal will be to promote your art and increase the chances for selling your artworks.
11. Extras with an upgrade
We encourage artists to sign-up for a Blue, Gold or Platinum package, as we offer discounts on organizer's fee to artists with a package. Moreover, artists with Gold and Platinum annual package enjoy a free return shipment for their selected artworks in an art competition, if not sold.
What's Next?
Choose an art opportunity from your assigned opportunities list in Biafarin portal and start showcasing your art to get discovered and win prizes.

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