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Friday, September 20, 2019

Introducing Website Service

Introducing Website Service
Your artist website is your online identity and the main gateway to your artistic world. It also grows your web presence by supporting your social media and listing your art data in search engine results as well as collecting valuable feedback and insight from your audience.
Photo by Patrick Fore on Unsplash
Biafarin Artist Website builder is an easy-to-use interface that enables you to create a multi-lingual dynamic customizable website with having full control over displayed data. This website promotes artist digital identity, expands artist online presence and grows with artist career automatically. Choosing Biafarin, you are in full control to keep your art data to yourself or to share it with the world in your website. You are just a few clicks away from changing designs and themes, editing page layout or updating your artist and artwork data. On the other hand, offering several widgets, Biafarin Website builder enhances your communication with your website visitors, engages your viewers and expands your fan base.
Your website is your unique online identity.
How it works
From the moment you enter your artist and artwork data in Biafarin portal, your website starts to form. You can view your website's Preview through Sites menu, update your data and customize its look and feel. Then, go live by making an order to connect your website to a custom domain.
- Your website is dynamic and synced automatically with your art data in Biafarin portal.
- Your website can be showcased to the world in up to 10 languages.
- Updating your website is fast and easy since your art data will be displayed automatically on your website from Biafarin portal.
- The responsive design looks great on all devices with no effort from your side.
- Your audience can navigate your website easily and be informed and updated about your art activities.
- Artist can personalize website look and feel.
- SEO is done periodically for artist website.
- Live website statistics and reporting are available.
Biafarin website service is offered in three plans: Lite, Standard and Pro. For more information, visit the link below. Moreover, artists with Blue, Gold and Platinum package enjoy a free website through Biafarin.
What's Next?
A. Check out your website preview.
B. Order your website and go live.

To learn more about Biafarin website service, click here.

Compare plans and order your website by clicking here.

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  1. and some other links don't work. I am considering creating a website on this platform but am hesitant if will not work properly.