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Friday, September 20, 2019

Introducing Biafarin Packages

Introducing Biafarin Packages
Reviewing Biafarin annual packages for visual artists and comparing it with other available art marketing tools for artists, we realized that we are the most affordable art marketing solution in planet for visual artists.
Photo by Biafarin Inc.
While, we never stop looking for better ways to promote visual artists and to offer new revenue streams for artists, it gives our team a great pleasure.

Here we would like to walk you through a simple process that shows you what you will get when you invest a small amount monthly in marketing your art through a Biafarin annual package.

Let's have a look into Biafarin annual and monthly packages for artists:
Biafarin packages is an affordable, integrated and efficient solution to promote and sell your art.
Blue package works best for students and emerging artists.

Biafarin Blue Package
Gold package works best for experienced and established artists.

Biafarin Gold Package
Platinum package works best for well-established artists and art masters.

Biafarin Platinum Package
What's Next?
Review each package and tell us which one works best for your artistic needs.

If you are already using a Biafarin annual package, let us know which one and share your mind.

Who knows! You may end-up winning an annual package as a prize. Happy reviewing ...

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