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Friday, September 20, 2019

The importance of art competitions

The importance of art competitions
Participating in an art opportunities in a known way to win a cash prize, sell your art, be selected for an art exhibition, join an art residency or get a media coverage.

Art competitions benefit visual artists in many ways as they are a wonderful vessel to present your art to art experts and learn from the experience.

Participating in an artist call also confirms that you are ready to showcase your work to the world, that you feel confident enough about your art to ask expert opinions and mature enough to accept the result and get better in your art practice.

Here are 3 reasons that entering art opportunities will help you to go further.
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It helps you to understand the art world
For participating in an artist contest, you need to review the competition and understand the concept to be able to offer proper artworks. This process requires time and thinking about your position as an artist.
You will evaluate and re-evaluate your chosen artworks for an art competitions to make sure that they fit with the opportunity procedure. Moreover, repeating this evaluation process in each art competition will enable you to select better artworks and to practice and improve your decision making process which eventually has a positive effect on your participation results in art opportunities.
Take part in art competitions to build confidence and stay up-to-date.
It helps you to build confidence
By participating in an art competition, you put yourself in a position to be judged by an art expert that does know you and your art.
While winning definitely boosts your confidence, the whole process of showcasing your art will help to build confidence in your art and yourself as an artist. It is an elevator that forces you to get better in your art practices every time that you participate in an art competition and to be proud of your art creation.
It helps you to remain active and up-to-date
When you participate in an art contest, you are usually asked to provide your biography, your statement and your art resume. This pulling mechanism from art competitions will encourage you to showcase your art as your create and helps you to avoid becoming a lonely artist that keep producing and never showing!
With an up-to-date resume and new artworks coming up every now and then, you are a practicing artist and being active in art world is essential to your success as an artist.

How Biafarin improves your participation?
With offering 500+ art opportunities for artists, participating in art competitions through Biafarin is an easy, fast and automatic process. Moreover, your submitted data will be reviewed prior to sending to art organizers to avoid losing your chances because of administration errors.

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What's Next?
Check your opportunities list on Biafarin portal and submit to win.

If you are not sure your artworks are a good match for an art competition, ask us for guidance.

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