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Friday, September 20, 2019

How to win in art competitions

How to win in art competitions
We have talked about the importance of art competitions in visual artists career and reviewed the benefits of entering art competitions.

Let's see how you can increase your chances to win in art competitions.
Photo by Amaury Salas on Unsplash
Review the rules
Art contest rules are there to be followed by participant artists. Unless, you are using an art platform like Biafarin that reviews your artist and artworks information prior to sending them to the organizer, you need to read the rules and make sure that your artist data and suggested artworks are eligible and a good match to participate.
Choose your art wisely
Participating in art competitions is a tricky business. You are competing against other artists that you do not know them or their art practice. Therefore, it is wise, to read the terms and offer your best artworks that will stand out.
Be accurate and purposeful to increase your chance of winning in art competitions.
Study the jury
Like everyone, jury in art competitions tend to have a favorite style. Checkout the jury team and see how each judge has selected the winners before. If the judge is a collector or an art gallery manager, see how they collect or what kind of art they showcase in their gallery.
Write statement and description
Providing an artist statement and artworks description is a wonderful chance to share your point of view, your inspiration and your art story with the jury. If the organizer of the competition has given you a space to write, do not miss this great opportunity and use it properly.
Provide high quality photo
Your artwork's digital image plays a very important part in your success. It might gets you in or presents you to jury as an unprofessional. Crop your artworks photo carefully! show the quality of your work through the digital image and create a sense of professionalism to enable the jury to see what's special about your art.
What's Next?
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