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Friday, September 20, 2019

What makes Biafarin different

What makes Biafarin different
Biafarin is an all-in-one solution for visual artists. One platform to access thousands of opportunities, to focus all your marketing endeavor in one place and to gain more with less effort.
Photo by Rupert Britton on Unsplash
As an art business home to artists from 60+ countries, we have witnessed artists’ success. Also, we were aware of how young artists launched and grew their art career using Biafarin services.

The given reasons show what makes Biafarin different to encourage artists to choose and use its services:
Free to start
Joining Biafarin is free. A couple of services including artist profile, portfolio, CV, stylish reports and unlimited data storage are offered for free to keep your artist and artwork data accessible in one platform.
Unlimited Art data
Using Biafarin, many artists do not need to keep their artist resume and artwork data in their computers or external hard drives anymore. They are accustomed to using free unlimited data storage that enables them to arrange and categorize their art with easy access.
No technical skills required
Today, almost everyone is IT literate. But, creating a website from scratch, making a portfolio report and knowing coding or CSS; still is not yet on the list of what artists are supposed to know. Therefore, Biafarin platform is built for artists with no technical knowledge. As an artist you only need to enter your artist and artwork data in Biafarin once. After your art data is there, you just need a few clicks to use Biafarin services.
Easy-to-use art marketing solution, trusted by Artists from 60+ countries.
Highly Cost-Effective
Many artists have to keep a second job to support their art career financially. Knowing this, being cost-effective has been in the heart of our efforts in creating Biafarin. Besides, offering several tools for free to artists, Biafarin growing business network enables them to use many services with special discounts and ensures a fast and steady art career growth at a reasonable cost.
Look like a pro
Our belief in providing equal chances for all talented artists and facilitating an effective art business model to empower visual artists leads us to offer an ultimate administration tool to artists for free. That’s why artists, using Biafarin tools such as widgets, artist profiles, website builder, live pages, free stylish reports, and document generators, enjoy presenting their art like a pro without paying an extra dime.
Biafarin is the master key to access and utilize various art marketing and administration services. We provide all the tools needed by artists to grow their art career in one place, so they will have more time to do what they do best; "creating art". Run your art business through Biafarin operating system for art and let Biafarin platform empower you to tell your art story professionally.
Easy career enhancement
After entering your artist and artwork data in Biafarin platform, everything is possible through a few clicks. Our goal in Biafarin is to make your artistic life easier to manage. So, when using Biafarin, artists only need to enter their data once in Biafarin portal. After entering your art data, you can use and customize it for each of 30+ art services in Biafarin as you see fit with no hassle.
Biafarin platform currently supports up to 10 languages. It means your art data can be stored, shared and sent to the world in 10 languages. No language barrier to stop you from telling your art story. Moreover, Biafarin offers translation services to make it much easier for you. Imagine how it improves your communication and chances when you can share your resume or portfolio with art collectors in their native language.
What's Next?
Tell us, which one of Biafarin services you have used so far?

To learn how to gain more with paying less, check Biafarin Packages for Artists.

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