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Sunday, August 25, 2019

How to build an artist website?

How to build an artist website
You have been planning to build your own website but you wonder where and how to begin.
Photo by Lauren Mancke on Unsplash
Decide who will build your website
To create your website, you can decide whether to hire a professional or to build it by your own. Your decision will vary based on your available time, budget and IT literacy. If you choose Biafarin, the only skill you need is data entry in Biafarin portal.
Select your website Builder
As an artist, choosing the proper website builder might not be that easy. You need to find a builder that is affordable, easy to update and needs no technical skills. In addition, having a multi-lingual feature is an added value. Biafarin builder is specifically designed for visual artists and offers a dynamic multi-language website as soon as you enter your art data in Biafarin portal.
Build your dynamic multi-lingual website in minutes.
Prepare your content
Your art data includes your artworks as well as your artistic photos, biography, statement, events, achievements and media clippings. After collecting, organizing and categorizing your content, you need to create a set of pages for each category. In Biafarin, you do not need to bother with creating pages and categorizing your art data, as your website will be automatically populated with your data from Biafarin portal.
Choose a theme
To express your artistic identity in your website, you need to choose your favorite page structure, fonts, coloring and other visual attributes.
Biafarin offers a set of predefined themes that makes your website's personalization very easy and convenient.
And, finally your website is built and ready.
Now, it is time to start operating your art business through your website by updating your data, sharing your art story and selling your artworks worldwide.
Biafarin offers a set of features that enables you to smoothly run your art business via your website.
What's Next?
Check your website preview and go live.

Compare plans and order your website by clicking here.

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