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Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Introducing Biafarin

Biafarin is an online artist management platform that helps artists to promote and sell their art worldwide.
Photo by Christian Walker on Unsplash
As an artist, you are a small business and you need to market your art. But, you may have no idea where and how to begin acting like a small business and promoting your art. You may have tried to share your art on social media or chasing galleries and collectors for a while but your scattered efforts have not yet yielded satisfying and rewarding result ... Or if they did, you do not know how to continue and repeat them.

We know that marketing is an essential step to present and sell your art but doing it alone is a dilemma and that is often not the way to lead to success. No worries, we have got your back!

As an all-in-one online art marketing solution, Biafarin meets this need.
Biafarin is developed around the idea of removing limitations and creating equal chances for visual artists worldwide while offering affordable, integrated and efficient tools and services to enable artists to take control of their art business.

Using Biafarin services and marketing tools, artists have been able to promote and sell their artworks, participate in new opportunities and boost their art career.
Promoting and selling art is made easy!
⌇ Free and Easy☂ All-in-One
● Easy career enhancement
● Free unlimited art data storage
● Use free tools and features
● Save up to 50% on art marketing fees
● Access to a growing network of art businesses
● No technical skills required
● Promote and sell artworks
● Book a venue or showcase in online exhibitions
● Submit to art competitions
● Get reviews from fans and critics
● Build a dynamic multi-lingual artist website in minutes
● Create professional portfolios
Learn more about what makes Biafarin different in Biafarin Blog.

Wondering how it works?

Let's start with exploring the following areas in Biafarin world:
Biafarin Inc. is a registered Canadian company in Ontario, helping visual artists from 60+ countries to enhance their career, using artist management, marketing and administration tools and services.
Each department in Biafarin Inc. focuses on one or more services, assists artists and deals with related businesses accordingly.
Biafarin benefits from a vast network of thousands of art businesses and service providers. Through this reliable network of growing art businesses, Biafarin connects artists to art world.
Located on, Biafarin website is the window to Biafarin world and provides various information about Biafarin and its art-related services.
Located on, Biafarin blog is a place to find useful articles, guidance and tips that will help you to boost your art career using Biafarin services.
This is where the magic happens. All Biafarin services are offered through Biafarin all-in-one art marketing platform. It is a fully secured area and you need to sign in to access Biafarin portal.
Biafarin offers 30+ art-related services to artists for empowering their art career. These integrated services have been shaped over years in response to artists' needs and feedback.
The best way to elevate your art career while saving time, cost and energy, is using Biafarin Packages. Blue, Gold and Platinum packages are designed to increase your chances for achieving more.
We encourage artists to stay connected to Biafarin via portal. You can always reach us through Contact Us form in website, online chat and Ask a Question form in all Biafarin portal pages.
What's Next?
Join for Free if you have not done yet.

If you have already joined, compare Biafarin packages for artists to take your art to the next level in a time-saving and cost-effective manner.

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