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Monday, August 12, 2019

11 Reasons for having an artist website

11 Reasons for having an artist website
They say, if it is not on the net, it does not exist. Your artist website is your online identity and the main gateway to your artistic world. If you are still missing out, here are 11 reasons to start right away.
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1. Make your art accessible
Your website makes it possible for your audience to have access to your biography, statement, artworks and activities through texts, photos and videos. It is a reliable source for visitors to know you better and get more familiar with your artistic world.
2. Be seen in search results
Through creating a website, your art data will be listed in search engine results. Further, by frequently updating your data and presenting apt keywords in your website, you can make your art data more searchable. The more users are able to find your site, the grater your potential audience base will grow.
3. Integrate your art data
Your website acts as a centralized source through which your audience can directly access your art story instead of finding bits and pieces in various places on the net. Moreover, having a website enhances the perception of your art story and your past and present activities as well as your future plans.
If it is not on the net, it does not exist!
4. Protect your art legacy
While updating your website, you will carefully choose and display the most relevant information about your art according to your artistic goals. This way, you ensure your audience about your art career with the accurate and genuine data of your website instead of relying on scattered data from net.
5. Support your social media presence
Social media helps you to present your recent areas of focus and art activity and share them with your followers. Your website complements your social media stream by providing a full picture of your art world.
6. Categorize your art data
Your website helps your audience to navigate your art easily. Categorizing your artist and artwork data provides simple access for your visitors to review a full image of your art career.
7. Keep your audience updated
Creating a website allows all your target audience to be aware of your art activities and stay updated. They can browse your website and remain informed about new artworks, plans for a new project and your recent news and achievement.
Your artist website is your online identity and the main gateway to your artistic world.
8. Look professional
A website conveys a sense of professionalism. Having a website, you show how serious you are in your career. It is obvious that your target audience, including art lovers, artwork collectors, art dealers, curators and galleries, expect to access your art by browsing through a website in your personal unique domain address.
9. Receive feedback from your audience
Using contact forms, blog post subscriptions, comments and rating features enables you to interact with your audience in a two-way channel and get valuable feedback and insight from your audience.
10. Sell your art directly
By adding an e-commerce feature to your website, you provide an excellent place for your potential buyers and collectors to learn more about your art, find their desirable artwork and make purchases directly from you without having to go elsewhere.
11. Your website, your media
Your website will become a powerful tribune by adding a blog. A blog can transform your website into a powerful media to have your say and share your thoughts and visions with wider audience. It also enormously supports your promotional campaigns to market and sell your art.
What's Next?
Reviewing these reasons, having a website is inevitable. Good news is, there is a ready solution for you to take.

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