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Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Plan to sell your art in 4 easy steps

In today's busy digital world, waiting to be discovered is not a practical option, and hitting the art market with no plan won't get you far. Therefore, for entering the art business world, where thousands of talented artists are competing for promotion and sales, having an art marketing plan is essential to your exposure and success.

Photo by Biafarin

Main steps

Here are four essential steps to create and run a productive art marketing plan:

Set your goals

Defining your artistic goals is the first step to shape your future as an artist. As many gurus have said it, if you do not clarify where you are going, eventually you will end up somewhere, that most probably is not where you have had in mind.
Focus on what success means to you as an artist. Does it mean more sales, winning more art prizes, being reviewed by known art critics, being published in art media, or simply feeling that you've learned your craft?
By setting your goals, "every tiny step is one step closer to where you are going," as quoted by Ron Kaufman.

Prepare your plan

You need to quantify your targets. Moreover, it is necessary to prepare a list of art marketing service providers, critics, online shops, magazines, blogs, and art competitions that you want to communicate with during a year. You can also research and choose a proper art marketing platform to use it as a primary vehicle for your journey.

 Plan your steps to success in art 

Execute your plan

Now that you have set your goals and quantified them, it is time to start executing your plan. Keep in mind that a 1000 mile journey begins with the first step. So, start walking the path one step at a time to achieve your artistic goals. Contact magazines and ask their policies for publishing, communicate with art lovers who might be interested in your art to ask their opinion, check art competitions website to read their terms and see if you are eligible to participate, review online art shops and visit art galleries to choose most suitable places to sell, reach out to art critics and ask their feedback about your art.

If it all started to look very frustrating, do not worry, help is here! Simply try Biafarin Start to not only plan your art marketing but also ensure the effective execution of your plan.

Evaluate the results

Each successful journey requires adjustment. The efficient monitoring of a marketing plan ensures your plan's success. With the regular evaluation of your achievements, you can identify the shortcomings, eliminate what is not working, and add to what brings you closer to your targets.

Biafarin Art Marketing Planner has a built-in monitoring feature to help you in assessing your progress and improving constantly.

What's Next?

Grab a pen and start writing your goals to plan your art marketing. If you are looking for a tool, use Biafarin Start for free to set and quantify your artistic goals and get the most suitable package based on your art marketing needs.

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