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Friday, December 13, 2019

Boost Your Art Sales in December 2019

In our ongoing efforts to boost your art sales, we are pleased to announce “Sell @ 100 Galleries” opportunity in Biafarin. It showcases your artworks in a hundred online galleries around the world. Participating in this unique opportunity helps you to enhance your digital presence, reach more audiences, and increase the chances of selling your artworks.

Photo by Biafarin
You will receive a wide range of benefits by submitting to “Sell @ 100 Galleries”.

100 galleries: Your artworks will be showcased to sell online in up to 100 art galleries worldwide.

10 million visits: Your artworks will be in front of 10 million visitors monthly (more than 100 million views per year).

Right season: The end of the year sales is a great chance to show and sell your art online.

Matching galleries: Your artworks are displayed in world-renowned art galleries matching your art characteristics.

Saving time: You will save time by participating in hundreds of galleries simultaneously.

Free submission: Submitting to this opportunity is free for all artists. Only selected artists will pay an online distribution fee.

Free shipment: Selected artists with Gold and Platinum packages will benefit from free shipment of their artwork(s), in case of sales.

Zero commission: In case of any sales, Biafarin commission is zero percent. Third-part commissions are based on each gallery policy.

Revenue streams: Selling of original artworks, prints, digital files, and merchandise are possible.

Enhance your chances to sell by showcasing your art globally.

Affordability: If chosen, the fee for your selected artworks is very affordable (US$ 50 for 1 artwork, US$ 200 for up to 5 artworks, US$ 300 for up to 10 artworks).

Pay after selection: You will pay only after your artworks are matched with relevant online galleries in Biafarin network.

Replacement: In case of sales, you can offer and replace new artworks to be displayed in matched online galleries.

Sales notification: All selected artists will receive related notifications, whenever there is a potential buyer.

Reporting: A report of views and sales transactions will be sent to the artists with Gold and Platinum packages regularly.

Certificate: Artists can print their digital certificate (for participation and selection) from Biafarin platform, after the submission is complete.

Other services: It is always possible to boost sales through other Biafarin services such as artist website builder, crowd review, media presence, etc.

What's Next?
How can all this be done?

Simply Submit Now and discover how you can do MORE SALES.

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