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Friday, December 13, 2019

How to benefit more from “Sell @ 100 Galleries” opportunity

Following the previous post, “Boost Your Art Sales in December 2019”, we have provided some essential tips that can help you in submitting your artworks for “Sell @ 100 Galleries” in Biafarin platform. This opportunity enables you to offer your artworks for sales and increases your chance to sell your original artworks, prints, and merchandise effectively across Biafarin global network.
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Here are some important tips:

Introduce your award winner artworks: If you have an artwork that has won a prize before or has been exhibited at some prestigious venues, submit it.

Showcase your famous artworks: If you have an artwork that has been reviewed or received encouraging comments, submit it. You can also add the art critique, review or comment text along with the critic or reviewer name in the description section.

Submit 5 to 10 artworks: To increase the chance of being sold, give enough number of artworks to potential buyers to have a better understanding of your art.

Enhance your revenue streams: Sell prints, digital files and merchandise along with your original artworks, if possible. Having various revenue streams can always boost your sales income.

Consider artworks with shipment-friendly size: Artworks smaller than 150 cm at the longest side usually sell better online.

Upgrade your artist account in Biafarin portal: Artists with Gold and Platinum package will get free shipment service for their sold artworks.

Set reasonable prices for your artworks: Set reasonable and affordable prices for your artworks, not too high or too low. According to art market stats, the artworks under USD 5,000 have a better chance to sell online.

Upload clear artwork photos: Avoid cluttered artwork images. The photos should focus on the artwork itself, anything more is a distraction.

Choose artworks with trending topics: The subject of this opportunity is free. So, it’s better to choose the topics of the day, such as peace, animals, nature, climate, people, culture, special events, fantasy, etc., and establish a clear message within your art.

Provide concise and understandable artwork description: Write a description for your artwork (it may include your artwork story, inspiration, and achievement, if any) to develop your audience’s understanding. Use simple words and explain tangible concepts.
Showcase your art to the world broadly and professionally.

Highlight special materials used for your artwork: If you’ve used special materials that create meaning in your artwork, mention it.

Choose unique names for your artworks: Choose a unique name for your artwork to help viewers to communicate more closely with it. Leaving the artwork name Untitled is not recommended.

Promote the collection related to the artwork: If your artwork belongs to a collection, also include the series title and a brief explanation about it.

Feature your artworks on your website: During this selling period, it is a good idea to feature and introduce your selected artworks on the top of the home page or artworks section of your website.

Take an influencing artist photo: Add a photo of yourself as the artist to be placed next to your artwork where possible. The photo should demonstrate essential elements of your artistic mindset.
For more information about artist photo click here.

Benefit from other Biafarin services: You can boost your artwork sales through other Biafarin services such as website, critique, crowd review, media presence, etc.
What's Next?
Now it's time to utilize the above mentioned tips and create actual exposure, traction and sales using “Sell @ 100 Galleries”.

Simply Submit Now and discover how you can do MORE SALE.  

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