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Monday, August 12, 2019

6 Reasons for using Biafarin platform to build your multi-lingual artist website

6 Reasons for using Biafarin platform to build your multi-lingual artist website
As an artist, you need a credible place to create a long-term portfolio of your art to not only showcase your works but to allow people to keep in touch with you as well as having insight over your art market.
Photo by NordWood Themes on Unsplash
Whatever way you do, it is vital for your website to be multilingual. Imagine how a German or Portuguese visitor can browse your site and follow your art story if your website is in Russian.
In fact, the more multiple languages your website has, the more visitors it can attract to choose and communicate with your art. This will create greater awareness of your art, grow your fans and increase your art revenue.
On the other hand, building a multi-lingual website could be complicated, pricey and time-consuming. Since in most of multi-lingual website builders, you need a basic knowledge of programming and for adding any new language, you need to duplicate each page. When the number of languages increases, not only will duplicating pages require a lot of efforts, but also updating each page will be time-consuming and costly.
To reduce your cost and save your time, you have to choose your website builder wisely. We recommend the multi-lingual website builder from Biafarin platform for 6 reasons.
1. It is cost-effective.
Biafarin platform offers a professional cost-effective multi-lingual website to the artists all over the world. Depending on your plan, to add new languages to your website, you do not have to incur any further costs.
2. It saves your time.
You do not need to duplicate the pages while adding a new language in Biafarin multi-lingual website builder.
3. It is easy-to-use.
Biafarin multi-lingual website builder provides what you need with just a few clicks. You can publish your artist and artwork data in your website with just a few clicks from your profile in Biafarin platform.
Secure an international foothold for your art by a multilingual website.
4. It supports up to 10 languages.
Offering a feasible 10-language website, Biafarin eases the communication between you and your visitors around the world and helps you to share and present your art data globally.
5. You can store unlimited data.
You can store as much information as you want on Biafarin portal in all supported languages and publish it on your website.
6. It provides translation service.
Among 30+ integrated art services, Biafarin offers translation service. So, you can have a translation for your data such as your biography, art statement, artwork description, etc.
Presenting all the above-mentioned, Biafarin multi-lingual website builder can secure an international foothold for your art and its world-class dynamic and easy-to-use website will become part and parcel of your web presence. It will definitely be a giant marketing move if you are serious about gaining convenient access to global markets and elevating your selling opportunity.
What's Next?
Now that we discussed the benefits of using Biafarin multi-lingual website builder, the next step is to check your website preview.

Compare plans and order your website by clicking here.

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